What we do

QA Services

Software quality is at the heart of our services. We follow a highly structured testing methodology in our testing services for websites, web applications, and mobile apps. Our experienced testers have deep expertise in functional, regression, exploratory, compatibility, performance, usability, security testing, and test automation.

QA Services

Functional Testing

We perform functional testing to ensure that the system meets the expectations set in the design specifications. Our array of functional testing services includes feature/ functionality level testing, audio and video testing, network testing, and components like error handling, installation of executable files (.apk, .ipa, .exe etc.,) and location-based testing as in the case of services such as geolocation.

QA Services

Regression & Re-testing

Regression Testing is done to check whether recent code changes or updates to the code have affected previously functional workflows. Regression testing is extremely critical as new versions of software are rolled out on a regular basis. We follow Agile methodology in regression testing and parallel testing. After retesting, we perform end-to-end regression testing to ensure that the unchanged interfaces and components are functioning as per the requirements. We have a team of experienced testers who can help achieve a large test coverage at low costs and quick turnarounds.

QA Services

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing is guided by a sense of “Thinking out of the box” as opposed to following a set of bounded requirements. We perform exploratory testing in tandem with other methods, helping us uncover critical issues that would otherwise not have been captured. Our testers test with an investigative bent of mind, log and report the bugs. The bug report provides a fresh perspective on areas where the application needs to be tightened.

QA Services

Compatability Testing

With the number of devices and browsers on the rise, businesses can leave no stone unturned when it comes to compatibility testing. Our capabilities allow us to test multiple combinations of hardware, operating systems, browsers, and other technical specifications.

We test for compatibility from two perspectives.

Functionality: We evaluate the intended functionality across multiple platforms
Look and Feel: We assess how the application looks across multiple platforms.

QA Services

Performance Testing

As the window of opportunity for companies is very narrow, it becomes imperative for websites and mobile applications to be highly performant.

Our suite of performance testing services

Stress and Load Testing: We test the application against various expected load conditions using various tools. Stress testing is also done to identify the threshold load of the application. Responsive Accessibility Testing: We test the speed and ease of use of application components on different devices to optimize application performance. Interruption-based Testing: We test how the application responds to interruptions such as battery drainage, network disconnection, etc.

QA Services

Usability Testing

We evaluate how easy it is to use an application from the end user’s perspective. The usability is assessed in terms of usefulness, ease of navigation, accessibility, and searchability. We also perform moderated and unmoderated usability studies to simulate the real environment and expand the test user base. In the case of moderated usability testing, we conduct the sessions remotely and guide users through the application and provide them tasks to complete. The results of these studies are then translated into actionable insights.

QA Services

Security Testing

In today’s day and age, software security is paramount to successful operations. Security infringements can not only cause monetary losses but also cause irreparable damage to an organization’s reputation. Our security testing services include web application security testing, mobile application security testing, web services security testing, and source code review. We mainly focus on Data Integrity, Risk assessment, Activity Log management, and Session management.

QA Services

Test Automation

Our Test Automation services help projects achieve better test coverage, reduce test execution time, and most importantly accelerate release times for our clients, giving them a "fast mover advantage". We have strong expertise in Selenium,QTP and Appium.

Our automation services include

Framework Development Setup
Test Automation Execution