What we do

Other Services

Apart from the main products and services that we offer, we also offer other ancillary services such as managed hosting, domain services and more.

What we do

Managed Hosting

Cloud is a new “on-demand” infrastructure delivery mechanism that has obviated the need for companies to own large data centers and expensive hardware. This technology has allowed companies to pay just for the infrastructure they need to run their projects. Our experts provide the best public Cloud hosting solutions based on your unique requirements. We provide hosting services through providers such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, GCP, Digital Ocean, Bluehost, and GoDaddy.

Our services include

Hosting Provider Evaluation
Hosting Management
Cloud Migration
Security and Monitoring
24/7 Support

What we do

Domain Services

We help you purchase domain names from third-party providers such as GoDaddy, Name.com, and more.

What we do

Data Storage & Security

Data storage and security standards are in accordance with the service provider’s policies. We share the responsibility of ensuring data security with the Cloud service provider. For instance, AWS allows us to enforce stringent access control through user permissions and identities to prevent unauthorized access to confidential data. Also, we can set up monitoring and event-driven automation services to secure the inflow and outflow of data. Likewise, we use the in-built security features of the other Cloud service providers to ensure data confidentiality.

To add to the security solutions offered by the Cloud services providers, we also perform the following services

We install and configure Firewall to enhance security
We purchase SSL certificate on your behalf and configure that on your domain.

What we do

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation, enacted on 25 May 2018, aims to provide stringent data protection for EU citizens. This regulation also applies to companies operating outside of EU member countries if they collect data about/from EU citizens. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in huge fines.

We at Tech3 take GDPR compliance very seriously and enforce strict standards.

We have clear mandates on information collection and user consent, and encrypt all personal data.
We enforce transparency while creating UI designs.
We propose deletion of data that is deemed unnecessary for critical operations.