What we do


We now live in a technological era, a time where machines not just work with human support, but also without human intervention. This century has seen unprecedented development in innovative technology, led by data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. These days, technology is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Tech3 is an early adopter of the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, Virtual/ Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, and Blockchain. We believe in an out-of-the-box, yet practical approach to offering tech solutions to our clients. In fact, innovation is the binding force that drives our tech team.


Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

We offer customized AI and ML solutions for clients who are looking to leverage these technologies to optimize their business processes, operations, and management. Our engineers have strong expertise in coding advanced algorithms as well as designing, developing, and integrating machine learning solutions. Machine learning models mimic human intelligence by learning continuously over a period of time.

Our areas of expertise include

Computer Vision
Recommender Systems
Text analytics
Supply Chain Automation
Credit Risk Modelling
Fraud detection

Approach towards solving ML & AI problems

Business Requirement Analysis
Data Collection
Data Cleaning and Extraction
Feature Engineering
Model Development and Training
Model Deployment


Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

We engineer both VR and AR solutions for our clients based on their requirements and business goals.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality provides an immersive experience in which the user is transported to a new world of possibilities. The user gets a 360 degree perspective of an environment. We develop elegant VR applications for major devices such as Oculus Rift and Samsung VR. Most of our applications are used for educational and training purposes.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality solutions add “value” to real-world objects. We specialize in different kinds of AR solutions such as marker-based AR, marker-less AR and location-based AR.

Marker-based AR: We build marker-based solutions such as virtual try-ons and augmented product labels.
Marker-less AR: We build solutions that are related to object placement in physical spaces.
Location-based AR: We build outdoor-based AR solutions such as outdoor navigational aids and augmented place information.


Internet of Things(IOT)

We live in a connected world where a variety of devices can interact with each other through the internet. In the future, for instance, we will have smart refrigerators that can send notifications to your mobile device if you are low on stock and possibly even place an online order to help you restock the items. The IoT ecosystem consists of an IoT device, gateway, cloud/server infrastructure, and an end-user application such as a web or mobile application. We specialize in developing end-user application and code our applications in Java/ Python



Blockchain is a technology that allows you to securely store transactional information in a decentralized fashion. The information is encrypted using powerful algorithms, making transactions highly tamper-proof. Blockchain works for different types of transactions that carry value, including those that involve money, inventory, infrastructure etc. We provide Bitcoin Wallet Development tailored for public and private blockchain solutions for individual and enterprise needs.